Terms of Use
These general terms of use govern the entire Services offered by our Internet Website (Funfunquiz.com). Your access and the use of the website are determined by your acceptance to these general terms of use. By using our Services, you give us your agreement of being linked up by these conditions.

Fundamental terms of use
The use of our Services and Contents is made under the liability of the user. The posted Contents can be seen by the whole community and must be in accordance with the general terms of use. 

You must have your total legal capacity if you use Funfunquiz, its Services and its Contents. This total legal capacity makes you able to contract with us. The use of the website is allowed only if you are old enough to have the legal majority in your country. 

The Services on Funfunquiz.com are likely to evolve at any time, that’s why we have the right to change or delete any part of them or of Funfunquiz.com generally speaking, without preliminary information.

The Services on funfunquiz.com can contain advertisements that can be targeted thanks to the information that the user give to the website. In return of the use of funfunquiz.com and its Services, you accept the presence of advertisements on the website.  
If Funfunquiz.com doesn’t use a right or a legal requirement contained in these general terms of use, it doesn’t mean that funfunquiz.com give up to this right or requirement, funfunquiz.com can use it later if it’s necessary or required. 

On the assumption that one of these legal requirements related to these general terms of use would be illegal or invalid, it will be the only one deleted. All the others provisions related to the general terms of use remain in force.

Confidentiality and protection
All the information collected by Funfunquiz.com is subjected to our confidentiality policy. By using our Services, you allow us to collect, store and process this information that can be freely used by Funfunquiz.com later. 

The access to an account on Funfunquiz.com is subordinated to a password that the holder must protect. Funfunquiz.com is not responsible for any negligence from the user relative to his password, that’s why we encourage you to protect it.

Contents and Services
All the Contents posted on Funfunquiz.com, in the widest sense of the word, are under the legal responsibility of their authors. Funfunquiz.com is not able to supervise all the Contents posted on the website, that’s why they are under the legal responsibility of their authors. 

Funfunquiz.com is a neutral website in its opinions and it doesn’t take responsibility for the consequences of the Contents posted on the website. By using the Services offered by Funfunquiz.com, there is a risk of finding Contents that can be defamatory, false, deceptive or litigious. Funfunquiz.com can’t be held responsible for such Contents, whether they are present on the website or used after by a third party.

In order to offer Services of quality, the users can report any content that they judge inappropriate, hurtful, false or defamatory. However, the final decision to delete or not the content is within the competence of Funfunquiz.com. Funfunquiz.com can’t be held responsible for a reported content that hasn’t been deleted subsequently, only the author of the content remains legally responsible of it.

User’s rights
The users keep their normal rights on the Contents they post, however, every Content posted through Funfunquiz.com allow us an international, non exclusive and free license, just as the right to give a sublicense to use, copy, process, reproduce, adapt, change, publish or post the aforesaid Content on any format with any method of distribution. It includes the right for Funfunquiz.com to use these rights with its trading partners or for an internal use. Funfunquiz.com isn’t held to any duty; in particular of payment or compensation, concerning a user which the content has been used as it is explained in this paragraph. 

The user is responsible of his use of our Services and the afferent Contents, just as the whole consequences of this use by other users or trading partners which can freely use, reproduce or transmit the aforementioned Contents. If the user doesn’t have the necessary rights related to the communication of the aforementioned Contents, only the liability of the user can be implicated and not the one of Funfunquiz.com or its trading partners. 

Funfunquiz.com can’t be held responsible for the damages – in their wider definition – resultant of the use of our Contents and/or Services, use that must be in accordance with these general terms of use. By agreeing with them, you swear on your honor that you have the legal capacity to accept those general terms of use.

Funfunquiz.com' s rights
All the rights and titles related to the Services are the inalienable and exclusive property of Funfunquiz.com.  The services are protected in conformance with the royalties/Copyright legislation and the entire applicable laws in force. On no accounts a user or a third party can use the term “Funfunquiz.com”, a brand, a logo, a domain name or a distinguishing feature related to Funfunquiz.com. The user can freely inform us of their remarks and Funfunquiz.com can take notice of them, and this, without any obligation in compensation towards them. 

Use of our Services and possible limitations
Funfunquiz.com provides to its users a software platform (Funfunquiz.com) in order to use our Services and to post Contents. This platform can only be used to enjoy our Services and post Contents; all of them must respect these general terms of use. 

Funfunquiz.com offers the opportunity to use its Services on playful and informative purposes, however some rules have to be stated. Funfunquiz.com has all the rights to delete, refuse, distribute or change the Contents posted through our Services. Funfunquiz.com can also suspend or delete user’s accounts without being liable towards them or being held to an obligation of compensation towards the above-mentioned users. Such a measure is necessary to respect the laws, the general terms of use and to improve the quality of our Contents and Services. 

Any attempt to damage Funfunquiz.com will involve consequences (delete of the account…), or even a criminal procedure if the facts are enough serious for Funfunquiz.com.

Protection of the rights of the others
Any Content posted on Funfunquiz.com or any use of our Services that are likely to break the rights of others – or the applicable laws – can be deleted or involve more serious consequences (criminal procedure…). As it was said previously, Funfunquiz.com provides a tool in order to report any anomaly and prevent litigious situations. However, once a user has reported something, only Funfunquiz.com can decide whether the posted Content has to be deleted or not. If the litigious Content breaks the personal rights of someone, only the author of the Content is legally responsible and not Funfunquiz.com.

Termination of the account
The general terms of use remain in force until the termination of the account, whether it is voluntarily decided by the user or done by Funfunquiz.com. 

Funfunquiz.com reserves the right to unilaterally delete, at any time and for any reason a user’s account, especially if the user doesn’t respect the general terms of use. Funfunquiz.com will inform the user about its decision to delete the account by using the email address related to the account. 

Limitation of liability of Funfunquiz.com

This limitation of liability of Funfunquiz.com covers, among other things : 
‧ The veracity, the authenticity, the security and the reliability of the Contents and Services. 
‧ The losses of data or the damages caused by the use of our Services, especially on your computer. 

Furthermore, in no way any communication or help from Funfunquiz.com on any format can enforce its duty or liability, or the one of its trading partners. 

The use of the information, the documents and the Contents available on Funfunquiz.com is under the total and only liability of the user who takes responsibility for what can ensue later, without any legal remedy towards Funfunquiz.com. 

Funfunquiz.com in no way can be held responsible for any damage of whatever nature as a result of its use, the interpretation of its Contents or the use of the information, the documents, the Services and the contents available on the website.

Nature of the agreement
These general terms of use, just as our confidentiality policy, are part and parcel of the entire agreement that link the user to Funfunquiz.com. The use of Funfunquiz.com and its Services is only possible after you gave your agreement to these terms. Funfunquiz.com reserves the right to change these terms at any time, under the condition that the user accepts the new ones.